Con Tí Se Va Mí Corazón


The Zydepunks

Compositor: Juan Christian Küffner

The food flows from the table
Wine inspires us till dawn
A glaring sun prepares us
For the days that will come

We pass men cursing in the shadows
The air breathes on us in a blaze
I dream of mountainsides and meadows
While broken men say Hell awaits

Con tí se va mí corazón

We yearn for days we're stealing
I can pretend that they're all mine
Please don't ever trust the sane ones
A little madness makes my day

I'll never outrun my feelings
I'll always run away from time
I'll always stick to dreaming
Sweet and golden days are mine

Con tí se va mí corazón

Don't ask me how, don't ask me why
We always move on and survive
Restless dreams live on and thrive
Restless dreams keep me alive

Con tí se va mí corazón

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